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VIRUSES, has always been a model that has been studied so extensively. Researchers have worked to find out the mechanism, the mode of action, interaction of the viruses with host and the mechanism they adopt for infection.

There are several evidences and paper that revels the attempts to study the mechanism of the mutations in the genomes of the viruses. Its been postulated that the lack of the Proof Reading mechanism in the Viral Genome and associated proteins causes those massive mutations.Read more...
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Viral Genome - NCBI

NEURAL Network, a complex system of self connected small units (Neurons) that makes the intelligence understandable and recognizable. A system that learns on itself and make the full system intelligent.

Since the discovery of the working of brain and after the study of the mechanism behind and finding the reason as a wind and very very complexed network nerve cells resulting the Neural Networks. There have been exhaustive studies... Read more...
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RESEARCH!!! in the search of the existing!! an activity that doesn't just sounds good but is full of excitement and eternal pleasure. What does it needs? The answer is, it need just 3 things...
.A thought
..Willingness to implement it
...A working platform
if you have got first two things and you are looking for the next... what all you have to do is to Read more...

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