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Here I am.....

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Hi friends, welcome to my very own personal page. I am Arun Gupta, native of Hisar,(Haryana), pursuing my B.Tech with the major Bio-Inforematics at Sathyabama University, Chennai.
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HI friends...

Welcome to this portal. This is bit personal page of mine and a bit of web resources for all.
Introducing me, I am a local resident of Indore, (MP) INDIA. Grduate of Sathyabama University, Chennai (TN) and Post Graduate of School of Computer science, DAVV, Indore, (MP) with the major of Bioinformatics. Currently I am appointed as Reseach Trainee at EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, Cambridge (UK).

Talking precisely about my interest, I do carry few passions and hobbies like PHILATELY, RESEARCH, TRAVEL and yeah being honest, I do write at times...:)


I have deep interest in Management, and hence I keep myself engaged in this stream by managing and ordering my fellow colleagues..:)


Well, I am associated with a non-profit organization called This organization works for the benefit of the students, in the domain of Bioinformatics, in India and abroad. We help those students in masking new projects, mentoring them, giving proper guidance whenever and wherever needed. I being the Chair, Students Community, look after the working and management of all the On-Site Students Communities that fall under the umbrella of Should you have any query or need further more information you can write to me at or at

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• Research Traineeship at EMBL-EBI Dec'08

Here I am........

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