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World's Largest tea Party

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Hello friends,

What were you doing last evening? watching TV huh? It was approximately the same time, when INDIA lost against Australia, I was attending a tea party and was filled of joy that I was the part of it. I am my wondering that I was so happy and was dancing very badly filled with joy. The reason of all this was the party. That was not because I got someone to date with, or the presence beauty, it was the joy that, I was the part of history making, making of another World Record.

The occasion was a tea party, to celebrate the success which was not achieved until the last, sip of it was taken…! It was actually the World’s Largest Tea Party ever organized! Last time it was happened to serve just 14751 people with green tea at Nishiao City of Japan on October 8, 2006. But here in Indore this count was far beyond than anyone's imagination for a tea party. It wasn't 15K, not even 18K neither 20K nor 28K, it was more than 30K being precise, it was 32,681 folks, gathered together and were served tea. So this Tea Party wasn't for the post-celebration of any event, but was for the pre-celebration of a world record.

Indore, the city of love, culture, food, species, and specialties the land which is also very well known as "Shab-e-Malwa" and "Mini-Bombay"! And now we have embarked another golden mile stone on the world map.

You must be wondering about the venue right! It was the same place that Master Blaster will never forget! This was the same place where he scored his 10,000th run. Guys it was Nehru Stadium at Indore. Stadium was totally packed by the people, as the gracious event started pulling them out of their homes by 1430 hrs IST itself while the program was scheduled to start at 1430hrs IST. Tea was served to all the 32K people in a very short duration, just within 5-6 mins, as there were more than 2500 volunteers for this job. And with the last sip and at the completion of the verification of counting, a cheer went up in the stadium at 1824hrs IST when the Guinness representative Francesca Diesidia declared the new world record.

Tea was served and it was the time to enjoy the party, that moment, famous playback singers Sherya Ghochal and Krishna took the command of the stage and enthralled the host and the guest of the evening with their vibrant voice and live performance. A special presentation composed by Shankar Mahadevan "Indore Anthem" was played when the certificate of record was presented to the Mayor of the city and the chairman of the Danik Bhaskar, organizers of the party.

You can find some pics of the event here. Do share your comments at the pages! For additional news you may have a look at yahoo news, Webduniya, DNA News, Thaindian News. Also you may try googling it in some time to get more results!

With full of proud and best regards,


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